You've dedicated your entire life to building up your body through hard work, pain, hunger and desire. Every single day requires sacrifice. This is our world brothers... This is hardcore livin'. Welcome.

The Forgotten
So many people want to point out faults or flaws or place blame. But these same people are not willing to be part of the solution.

No Laurels to Rest On
I work because over the years I've started to enjoy the pain. It is subjective to the one that owns it. Mine has become my truest of friends, my compass.

Animal On Andrey, Part I
Exclusive interview with Andrey Malanichev, world record holder. Find out how he trains, how he got started in powerlifting and more.

Animal Outreach with HIGA
As I drove up the big hill and saw the watch towers, shit started to get real. I rolled up to a speaker box and gave my name and the guard tower instructed me to park towards my right.

Life Is A Freakshow
"Wanna know what being an Animal is all about? Well step right up..."

Real American Dream
I was given the opportunity to train at Westside... Unfortunately, my family didn't see it as anything more than a guy holding onto a pointless, tired dream.

Home Grown Values
It just so happens I have a passion for training, for lifting weights. I am unapologetic in that pursuit. That is what I like to call a paradox, this duality.

Diary of a Madman
My weekly log, my life... Once more into the breach.


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