You've been searching for the truth about training... Well look no further brothers. It's all right here. No bullshit, no hype—just the straight facts. So let's rock 'n roll. The plates are waiting.

Tag Team Chest with Wrath & Ox
For the first time in history, Wrath & Ox team up for a video...

The Process, Part Two
A good training split accomplishes one goal; it helps you to grow. But what elements must be present?

When Guessing Is Good
Wrath trains back. Read about it and watch it...

The Novice Lifter
Now we need a moniker for each type of athlete. Well, so be it. As long as you consider yourself hardcore and want to be cock strong.

Bench Basics
Setting up the bench and techniques...

Weighted Conditioning
Many powerlifters refuse to accept these findings. Perhaps is it is fear, ignorance, or just plain laziness...

Mass Exercises
"A couple of mass-building exercises defined and explained here."


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