You've been searching for the truth about training... Well look no further brothers. It's all right here. No bullshit, no hype—just the straight facts. So let's rock 'n roll. The plates are waiting.

I was very surprised to see a perfectly intact Universal training machine in the middle of the room.

Destroying Arms
IFBB Pro Roman "Rex" Fritz destroys arms at Diamond Gym in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Guns Show
When it comes to bodybuilding, mass is just the beginning.

5 Movements Needed for Chest Growth
Use these movements to pack on size to your chest.

Chest at Muscle Beach
Roman gets a chest workout in at the legendary Muscle Beach.

Big On The Basics: Deadlift
Special "Big on the Basics Beyond" with Animal Athlete Jay Nera.

Bench Basics
Setting up the bench and techniques...


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