The ABCs of Iron: Animal Barbell Club

Animal. The word is synonymous with a certain way of life, a true passion for the game. The journey each of us is on can be lonely. No longer... Welcome to the "Animal Barbell Club", or the ABC as we call it. The ABC represents the building blocks of Animal itself... Building something greater. Building a community, creating a positive environment for growth and a sharing of knowledge. If you've ever visited The Cage at the Arnold Expo, then you know what we're talking about. The ABC takes these ideas, these values, to the next level.

Why is this brotherhood, this shared experience, so important? Because so few understand why we do what we do. Animal does. The ABC provides the proper outlet, a real and meaningful opportunity for serious lifters everywhere to get together to train, talk and share their experiences. At each ABC event, there is a training component and an eating component. Lift hard and eat big. What else is there? 

So what does it take to join? Simple. You have to have heart and a genuine love for the iron... You don't have to be the biggest or the strongest. Lifting at an ABC is not an ego trip or an opportunity to show someone up. It's about support and community.  Camaraderie is the name of the game. At some of the larger events, you might even be fortunate enough to see some elite bodybuilders and powerlifters who are at the top of their games including Evan "Ox" Centopani, Erik "The House" Fankhouser, Frank "Wrath" McGrath, and more.

So, you interested in signing up and joining? Piece of cake--it's as easy as 1-2-3. First, register in The Forvm. Second, check out the Complete List of chapters by clicking here--it provides an up-to-date list of the current established and pending chapters of the ABC. Third, choose the one closest to you, get in touch with the local ABC Coordinator, and post your intentions in that ABC chapter thread. It's that easy. If you don't see a chapter close to you, we encourage you to start your own on "The Board". Brothers, it's growing. We're moving forward.

For more info, contact the ABC Chairmen G Diesel or treetrunklegs in the FORVM, or for a calendar of upcoming ABC events, click here. We look forward to seeing you.


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