Animal Training Series, Volume 2: "Animal Chest"

Fellas, the time has come again... We made history when we launched the "Animal Arms" DVD, the first installment of the Animal Training Series back in the summer '06. It's time for the next one... "Animal Chest". See Wrath as he blows up his chest--balls out exercise after exercise, punishing rep after rep... Get inspired, get knowledge, get jacked. Get "Animal Chest" now by clicking here. To glimpse the Official Trailer #2, click here.

Available only now at Animalpak.com, and shortly after at select retailers.

"Wow. After watching Wrath brutalize his chest in this DVD, I was more inspired than ever to get into the gym.  The music choices in this DVD are perfect, but I think that it is also crucial to leave parts of the movie with only the sounds of the gym, as you do. The form in which Wrath completes exercises is flawless, textbook technique, and each set is detailed down to the muscle contraction. This DVD is truly a hard, uncut look at a bodybuilder's routine. Thank you AnimalPak for giving me that extra boost to work that much harder."
- Connor S., Scranton, PA

"I’ve always connected with the Animal Ads. You know the black and white, hardcore, motivational messages. It’s a brilliant marketing campaign and caters to the hardcore crowd. Whoever writes those ads just gets it. Hard to put into words but it’s like they know what we are thinking, how we are feeling. This DVD (and the Arms DVD) brings those ads to life. It’s hardcore, no bullshit, balls to the wall training starring Wrath... Everything about the DVD screams Animal, from the black and white to the music to the no talkin’ all training."
- Eric, via e-mail

“All I have to say is...  HOLY SHIT!  That was one of the best  training DVDs I've seen. I like the fact that there is NO talking--hence,  shut up and lift.  Wrath didn't joke around or make funny noises or yell  and scream...  He was very calm and collected and knew exactly what he  needed to get done and went to work.  Very hardcore looking gym with  nothing fancy and no pretty boy images.  Just straight up hardcore  lifting.  Wrath is a monster.  I can't wait till the other parts of  the series come out.  This DVD is definitely one that
EVERYONE should watch  to get pumped up and get your mind right for training. Keep up the awesome work ANIMAL.”
- Matt W., Sinking Spring, PA

"WOW! That is one fucking intense workout.  Wrath's chest workout shows what being an Animal is all about... balls to the fucking wall intensity. This is why you guys at AnimalPak.com are the shit, always bringing us some hardcore motivation, with amazing new products, as well as the new line of training DVDs.  Everytime I watch this video, man, do I just wanna go to the gym and beat the hell outta the weights.  You guys have done it again, keep up the amazing work, and we'll all continue to represent the way of the Animal!"
- Mike Simeone, Nutley, NJ

“FUCKIN' AWESOME FELLAS!  If the articles on the website get you charged up, wait till you see this video. Once you see Wrath going through his chest routine, if you don't sprint your ass to the gym, check yourself for pulse. A no bullshit video directed right at the most hardcore of the Animals.  No pretty Britney Spears soundtrack, just the sounds of hard rock and the smashing of iron. Not only does ‘Animal Chest’ get you fuckin’ fueled for a workout, it shows a guy doing incredible weights with strict form. It's got it all boys, an electric video with no horseshit additions. Definatley worth every penny. Another big thanks to Universal and ANIMAL productions.”
- Casey H., South Orange, NJ

“As I expected from Animal, Chest is great!  It is a no bullshit, hardcore workout that hammers the chest. To watch Wrath crush that much weight using perfect form is absolutely amazing. I can now visualize the technique for each exercise.  I can't wait for my next chest day. Keep the DVDs coming..”
- Tim B., North Huntingdon, PA

“WOW, what a great fucking video. No bullshit, bare bones, balls to the wall chest workout. It made me wanna train my chest the night I watched it. I will be using it for inspiration on every chest day. I loved that is was shot in black and white and you can just feel the intesisty from the hardcore gym Wrath is in.”
- Travis W., Ventnor City, NJ

"The camerawork was outstanding, and the production was top-notch. You guys over at Universal are doing a great technical job making these discs, and I look forward to the continuation of the Animal series of training DVDs."
- T.C., via e-mail

“This wasn’t no Cost of Redemption training video. This was strictly SHUT UP AND LIFT hardcore, pumping veins, bulging looking like garden hose workout. The video was motivating just as I would expect from Animal.”
- Jimmy A., Brooklyn, NY

For praise about the first DVD, "Animal Arms", click here.


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