Silence. Emptiness. Nothing. Then A Glimmer…

… Then a fucking flood. Crank up the music and roll up your sleeves fellas ‘cuz the void has just been filled… The ground under your feet is gonna rock. “Animal Arms”, the first installment of the Animal Training Series on DVD is here and ready to ship. Finally. Yeah, it’s been a long wait, and yeah, we’ve been getting requests for the past three years, but we know all of you expect only the finest from Animal and Animalpak.com. You’ve been coming here to get the low down on lifting, not as a pastime or a fucking "hobby", but as a lifestyle, plain and simple. You also want it in a no bullshit way--just the facts, and no fucking hype. This is what you come here for and this is what we're gonna deliver... "Animal Arms". Featuring Wrath, this DVD is straightforward and to the fucking point. Pure 100% Animal motivation and inspiration...  Workouts stale? Hit a plateau? Looking for some new ideas? Just looking for more? Then you want "Animal Arms". No, you need "Animal Arms". Just click right  here to get your own copy brothers--no more fucking around… Just remember, supplies are limited, so first come, first serve.


"Hey guys, just want to drop you a line to say how great your DVD is. It's so refreshing to see someone put out something that finally kicks the others in the bollocks. Fuck man I am so sick and tired of seeing the same old cheesey DVDs with the same fuckin' clowns going to thier sweet smelling gyms. Fuck that. Let's train in places that stink of b.o. and when it rains the roof leaks. Good one guys, well done!"
- Dick, via e-mail

"Friday night I received my copy of 'Animal Arms'. I ripped open the cardboard envelope and threw it in the DVD player. Unbelievable! I've been looking for this training dvd for years. I tried out Wrath's raw workout on Saturday. Monday morning, my arms still fucking hurt. I love it. When I finished, I have never felt so tight. I CAN NOT wait for the next DVD! Any ideas when I can expect it? Come on, don't just tease me! Give me more!”

- Mark, Massachussetts

"I ordered your DVD almost instantly after I received your invitation through the email blast. I have been working out for years but this is the kind of DVD I wish I had when I started. It's great to be able to see close ups of how each exercise has to be done like a true Animal. It's like have your own private pro bodybuilder with you. This DVD is truly an inspiration and I can't wait to see more editions.”
- Helmut, Texas

 “This DVD is a very different training video than any I have seen. In a word it is HARDCORE. We've all seen the Animal ads in the magazines. This video is like bringing those ads to life. It features Wrath from Animalpak.com training arms in a hardcore gym… If you don't feel like training after you see this, you are not a bodybuilder. Well done, well produced and I am looking forward to the other bodypart DVDs to come.”
- Eric, New York

“It's great to see Wrath in action. This guy has two of the biggest arms I ever seen… This DVD is about one thing: how to train arms like a true Animal, plain and simple. Wrath is a beast, there's no doubt about that. I’ve never seen anyone doing a 135lbs barbell curl so effortlessly. I was shocked when I saw him doing the skullcrusher, his form is very strict, lower the bar to his forehead everytime, and every rep is done exact the same way as the last one. I’m not sure how much the E-Z bar weighs, but he's got 2 pies on each side!”
- Ang, New York

“The DVD is very simplistic, but intensely motivating at the same time, nothing out of the "norm" from the Animal line... I love how it was shot in an old school gym without the newer machines anywhere in sight. The DVD being black & white just makes it so much better then the conventional mainstream DVDs. Closeups on Wrath as he lifts accurately portrays the intensity, dedication, and determination it takes to be a bodybuilder and a true ‘Animal’. If you aren't completely pumped after this DVD, then just put down the barbell and walk away now.”
- Joe, New Jersey

"I got the DVD this morning and watched it about 5 times now. Not to trash any other bodybuilding DVDs, but this has been the best one I've seen... Kudos go out to the Animal crew for the awesome video. Can't wait to see what else you all have in store for us.”
- Alex, California

"Just wanted to say I received the 'Animal Arms' DVD and have to tell you it is frickin awesome. I can't wait for more to come out.”
- Cyrus, Colorado

"Well brothers, I just wanted to stop by and let yall know that I received my copy of the 'Arms' DVD today and it was like nothing else I have ever seen. After watching it, it lit a fire so huge that I had the best arms workout in quite some time... Thanks for the inspiration.”
- Jake, Texas

"Animal Arms is the hardest video I have ever watched for training, Yates and Ruhl don't even compare. Can't wait for the next video...”
- Jesse, New York

"Loved the new DVD.  No bullshit workout... When was the last time I saw a guy do close grip benches with that kind of weight, and not use a Smith Machine, and NO SPOT, and perfect form? When are you going to release more? You gotta use this same guy.  He is intense...”
- bigtraps@xxxx, via e-mail

"Just wanted to say two thumbs up you for the Animal Arms DVD... I'm looking forward to the next DVD to come out.”
- Michael, New Hampshire

"I just wanted to say that I really like the Arms DVD. Its pretty damn good. I was wondering if you guys do make another training DVD, can you make one on legs. Legs are always so hard to train and sometimes I just don't feel like training them. Yea well thank you for all the info and products. Thank you.”
- Andy, California

"You guys never cease to amaze me! The new training video is fuckin awesome... It's taken my arm day to a whole other level.”
- Nick, via e-mail


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